How you get the most value from the franchise selection process

Full-Service & VIP Experience

You can get a better deal on your franchise if you’re working with the right Franchise Broker.

When you work with us, you’re treated to a full-service, VIP experience. We ensure you that from start to finish you’ll feel comfortable and organized as you’re introduced to each opportunity. When, and if, you decide to move forward you’ll have the proof that your decision is right.

As you begin to narrow your search we’ll bring in our dedicated franchise attorney, accountants, and liability experts. You’ll be provided a free consultation with each of these experts to help determine if the opportunity is genuine.

Why An FBA Members Process Is Different

The real story isn’t always easy to see. Therefore you should feel confident that the franchise broker you’ll be working with has had the proper training to knows what to look for.

- We will be with you every step of the process - You should never be ‘handed off’ to a franchise to fend for yourself.

- We will show you how to spot any red flags
- You will always be armed with the right questions
- Your results will be specific for your interest and situation
- You will be provided true benchmarks of each franchise -not sales presentations

"You can get a better deal on your franchise if you’re working with an FBA Franchise Broker."


Education and access matter


People who have entered into the franchise sales profession usually found out about it while looking for a franchise themselves. The FBA has taught hundreds of Franchise Brokers through our training program under our own business opportunity, the Franchise Training Institute.

Since 2008, our focus has been to elevate the quality the Franchise Broker profession. Our brokers begin with a minimum of 200 hours of training. They are prepared and educated on the latest techniques used to assess franchises and provide undisputed value to their candidates.

Consider this

Depending on how a Franchise Consultant or Broker joined the industry, the person you may be talking to could have had only 20-30 hours of training - or less!

We simply believe that this is not enough for a “professional” to be advising you on where to place your hard earned money.

Think about it, Your local server at a local bar and grill would have had more training to serve you dinner.

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